An otherwise unassuming woman, one would look at Touch'e and regard her as a foreigner in the land of Eorzea. Never one to put much stock into her own appearance, she would be seen wearing attire that, when asked about, would be "Just what she felt like today". Nothing ever too fancy, nothing ever too drab - rather practical and something that would still put her personality on display.

That being a brusque, unapologetic, yet caring woman. She serves as the Head Sentinel / Bodyguard of the company she has devoted a lot of her time and love into: Byregot's Ward. Her duties demand a tough demeanor and an even stouter attitude, for she knows her company's enemies are many.


Nothing much is known about Touch'e. Of the few things she reveals about herself, one could glean the fact that she has been around for a very long time. The earliest records of her appearing in Eorzea date back to a few months after the Seventh Umbral Calamity in Limsa Lominsa. It is likely that the Islands of Vylbrand was her landing point from wherever she migrated from.

Since her appearance in Eorzea, she has been known to work primarily with the Maelstrom and the Adventurer's Guild. It was only when a young entrepreneur finally inherited his father's business did she step away from full-time Adventuring work, to take her place as a guardian and sentinel for the new Byregot's Ward. If anyone wished to learn more about her past, however, they'll have to find some way for the woman to open up to them about her extensive history.

Character Hooks

  • Hired Muscle: Touch'e regularly enjoys a good fight, even if it's not at her place of work. If you have a job that requires muscle, she will gladly offer help.

  • Adventure: When she's not protecting her employees and employer, she can be found wandering Eorzea looking for something new to do from time to time.

  • Drinking: Touch'e can be found at a bar or tavern pretty much any night. These are the few moments that she doesn't mind talking to strangers.

  • Moral Compass: The woman has a heart of gold and would always help someone with their plights. If you have a dire need of help, even if that is just someone to talk to, hers is an ear that'll listen; and hers is a blade that would protect.

  • Soul Host: Those very adept in aethersight or aethersense may be able to note that Touche's own anima is not that of a normal woman. Her aether seems to be a mix of two seperate beings.

Out of Character Information

Hello! My name is Touch'e, otherwise known as 'T'. I have been playing FFXIV for about a year or two now, and am slowly becoming more and more familiar with both the game and it's lore. While I am new to the community, I have been roleplaying and or writing off and on for several years. Here are some note worthy things to bare in mind out-of-character.

  • I am twenty-five years old and currently work full time in healthcare. My in-game availability is always varied, but I'm generally available in the afternoon / evening all week.

  • Discord availability will be varied as well. I will do my best to be responsive, although prime time for me in Discord will be in the afternoon / evening Tuesdays - Fridays. I am usually available all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I reside in MST (Mountain Standard Time).

  • I am very laid back when it comes to writing, roleplaying, and collaboration. I am always up for casual and or serious scenes. I am also a major fan of all things horror-aspected.

  • In Character ≠ Out of Character. Please do not blend as blending makes online interaction uncomfortable for everyone. I am also not interested in any ERP and freaky-weird storylines.

If you would like to talk out of character or roleplay sometime, please message me on Discord first. You can find me @ Touch’e B Quatay#6045.